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This is the original and only true source of information about administration, scoring, and use of the Kidney Disease Quality of Life Instrument.

The long form of the KDQOL™ (134 items) was developed in 1994 by the Kidney Disease Quality of Life Working Group with support from Amgen.  After release of the KDQOL™ Long Form, the group began work on KDQOL™ short forms.  This site includes information on the KDQOL™-SF 1.3 and the KDQOL™-36 short forms. 

For the latest, check out:

Peipert, J.D. and Hays, R.D. (2017). Methodological considerations in using patient reported measures in dialysis clinics.  Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes (2017) 1: 11.

Peipert, J.D. and Hays, R.D. (2017).  Using Patient-Reported Measures in Dialysis Clinics.  Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 12: 1889-1891.

Peipert, J.D., Bentler, P.M., Klicko, K., & Hays, R.D. (2017, in press). Psychometric properties of the Kidney Disease Quality of Life 36-item short form survey (KDQOL™-36) in the United States.  American Journal of Kidney Disease.



Open letter to Nephrology Nursing Journal Editor, Beth Ulrich

Beth Ulrich, EdD, RN, FACHE, FAAN, Editor, Nephrology Nursing Journal: The Danquah et al. review paper on quality of life measures for patients on hemodialysis (2010, vol. 37 #3) cites Bakewell et al. (2001) as the source for the Kidney Disease Quality of Life Short-Form (KDQOL-SF).  The attached article (published in 1994) is the actual source of the KDQOL instrument.  In addition, our website includes extensive information about the KDOQL-SF: https://www.kdqol.med.ucla.edu/   I am surprised that this lack of attention to detail slipped through the Nephrology Nursing Journal peer review and editoral process.   For a higher quality review paper, please see:

Edgell, E. T., Coons, S. J., Carter, W. B., Kallich, J. D., Mapes, D., Damush, T. M., & Hays, R. D. (1996). A review of health-related quality of life assessment in end-stage renal disease. Clinical Therapeutics, 18(5), 887-938.

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